Nucleic acid drugs

Nucleic acid drugs, also known as oligonucleotide therapy, are analogues of natural DNA or RNA with various chemical modifications. These modifications protect drugs from natural enzyme degradation, provide binding carrier proteins for transport in vivo, and most importantly, give them high affinity and specificity for predetermined targets. Out of approximately 20000 proteins expressed in the human body, only about one-third can be treated with traditional small molecule drugs. The use of oligonucleotide therapy to target RNA containing protein prescriptions has opened up the possibility of targeted synthesis of proteins that traditional small molecule drugs cannot target. In most cases, small molecule drugs and oligonucleotide therapy inhibit the function or synthesis of a specific protein. However, currently there are only a few technologies that can upregulate protein synthesis or activity: Blockmir, a patented technology from Maijinjia Biotechnology, is one of them. Therefore, the obvious target range of Blockmir is the RNA encoding proteins that have protective effects on diseases, or proteins that are too low in expression to fulfill their natural responsibilities. Oligonucleotide therapy has been successfully developed for the treatment of various central nervous system diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, liver and kidney diseases, and hematological diseases,Provide anti-cancer and viral vaccines.