About us

  Guangdong Maijinjia Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. (Registered capital of RMB 15.431944 million), established on August 14, 2019,is an innovative technology enterprise for antisense nucleic acid drugs jointly invested by China and Denmark with an international perspective, and has received investment from the Huangpu District Government Industry Fund in Guangzhou. The company has blockmir nucleic acid drug research and development technology and Dosevo nucleic acid drug screening technology with complete patent wall protection, and the company has global ownership of all related patents. The company's main team has over decades of experience in biopharmaceutical research and development entrepreneurship in the fields of small molecule RNAs, modified oligonucleotides, patents, clinical trials, biotechnology, and business management.

Field focus: Utilizing Blockmir technology to address clinical needs that cannot be met by existing marketed drugs for "central nervous system, ophthalmology, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory system diseases".

Our founders are: 

Dr. Zhai Jiajie

Dr. Thorleif Møller

Dr. Christina Udesen


Our investors are: