Nucleic acid drugs have become a new trend, and China's first innovative technology platform for nucleic acid drugs has settled in Guangzhou

  Source: Health Times website   核酸类药物成新趋势,我国首个核酸药物创新技术平台落户广州-健康时报 ( 

From natural drugs, to chemically synthesized drugs, and then to biopharmaceuticals, the sources of drugs manufactured by humans continue to achieve breakthroughs and innovations. Nowadays, the direction of drug development has reached the era of genetic drugs and nucleic acid drugs. Recently, the "Blockmir Industrial Technology Platform for Nucleic Acid Drugs", co founded by the national pre clinical pharmacodynamics evaluation technology platform for major new drug development and the founder of locked nucleotides (LNA), the director of the Nucleic Acid Research Center of the University of Southern Denmark, and the team of Jesper Wengel, an academician of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, settled in Guangzhou Development Zone, which is also the first technology platform in China focusing on the development of original new nucleic acid drugs.


Professor Tao Liang, Head of the National Pre clinical Pharmacodynamics Evaluation Technology Platform for Major New Drug Development, Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, and Vice President of the Scientific Research Institute of Sun Yat sen University

  "Traditional drug targets are proteins, but these targets that can be intervened by drugs currently account for only a small part of the protein in the human body, and about 80% -90% of the proteins can not be effectively intervened by traditional Drug development means." Professor Tao Liang, who is in charge of the national pre clinical pharmacodynamics evaluation technology platform for major new drug creation at Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences and vice president of Sun Yat-sen University Research Institute of Science, said, This means that drugs targeting proteins are already difficult to carry out, so everyone has focused on the upstream of proteins - ribonucleic acid RNA.

Nucleic acid drugs, also known as nucleotide drugs, mainly refer to various RNA analogues with different functions. From drugs targeting proteins to drugs targeting RNA, the research and development space has greatly increased - this is equivalent to the shooter facing targets dozens of times larger than before when shooting, and the hit rate and accuracy will naturally be greatly improved.

Academician Jesper Wengel pointed out that currently, nucleic acid as a drug has been applied in many aspects such as central nervous system, urinary system, metabolism, and cardiovascular system in clinical practice. In the United States, the nucleic acid drug market has shown irreplaceable roles in antiviral, anti-tumor, and metabolic disorders in recent years.

"The establishment and implementation of the technology platform for nucleic acid medicine industry will break the passive situation of the current global nucleic acid Drug development platform dominated by foreign experts." Professor Tao Liang said, The actual controllers of RNA related companies worldwide are all foreigners. However, after the nucleic acid drug Blockmir industry technology platform settled in the Guangzhou Development Zone, due to our independent intellectual property rights, we will fully consider the genetic specificity of Asian people when developing drugs, and develop original new drugs that are more suitable for Chinese people's use than drugs that mainly focus on the genotype of European people on the market. At the same time, patent ownership and Mastering core technologies in the hands of Chinese people can also provide more resources and technological means for scientific research in Chinese universities


Chinese and Danish experts discussing in research and development laboratories

  According to Dr. Zhai Jiajie, who is responsible for this study, tumors, viral infections, immune system diseases, metabolic diseases, and other diseases can all become the treatment targets of Blockmir technology. Currently, more than 100 literature reports have been published internationally on the role of candidate drugs generated by this technology platform in treating various diseases, indicating that the feasibility of Blockmir technology has been widely recognized internationally. Nucleic acid drugs based on this technology are different from other nucleic acid drugs, with higher specificity and lower side effects.